Storm Drain Marker Design Contest

Grades 6, 7, and 8

The Connecticut Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation invites local sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to participate in our annual storm drain marker design contest. The individual submitting the winning design will receive a $50 prize and have his/her drain marker design applied to storm drains in their local community after municipal approval. The local winning class will be encouraged to volunteer in affixing the drain markers to storm drains with the Surfrider Foundation volunteers. The Surfrider Foundation will also visit the local school to provide a lesson on the Long Island Sound watershed. Entries are due by May 1 and winners will be announced soon after. Download contest instructions here!

Contest Instructions:

1) Draw your design in a 4” diameter circle like last year’s winning examples (look below).

2) Use ONLY blue and green colors.

3) Do NOT use crayons; use colored pencils or other neat drawing items instead.

4) Make sure your design is clear and lettering is done with clean lines.

5) We suggest starting the drawing in pencil first, then coloring.

6) Have fun, be creative (they don’t have to be exactly like the examples below)!

7) Helpful Hints: Outline green pictures in blue if you want to accent them…use the white of the paper to your advantage too, like in the lettering of the examples!

8.) To be eligible to win please follow directions… email questions to

9) Please have entries postmarked by March 19th, include your name, age, telephone number,  grade, teacher’s name, and school name. Send to: Surfrider Foundation – CT Chapter, Storm Drain, P.O. Box 266, Mystic, CT 06355.

Drain markers are colorful, long-lasting markers that are affixed to storm drain inlets and street gutter catchbasins to remind people that only rain should enter these inlets that connect our roads and parking lots to our local streams. Through drain marking activities, students and residents alike can be educated about the harmful effects of non-point source pollution. Non-point source pollution affects ecosystems, the beauty and health of coastal lands and waters, and even the economy. The largest source of non-point source pollution is runoff, which occurs when rain and melted snow moves over and through the ground collecting harmful pollutants and depositing them into local streams and rivers and eventually into the ocean.


Surfrider Foundation Selects Contest Winner!

Surfrider  Connecticut  celebrated Earth Day by selecting a winner in our state-wide Storm Drain Marker Contest. The Surfrider Foundation invited Connecticut students, grades 6 thru 8, to create a design for a storm drain marker that would remind the public that any pollution entering the drains eventually ends up in our waterways.

This year’s winner is Amanda Ciarci, a seventh grader at Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School, East Haddam, CT. Amanda will receive a prize of $50 plus Surfrider gear.  Amanda’s winning entry will be produced as actual storm drain markers that will be applied to East Haddam’s storm drains. Amanda’s class will participate in the application of the markers as part of a lesson on the hydrological cycle.

The contest received many outstanding entries. In addition to the winning design, prizes were also awarded to the following participants for their entries: Second place – Caitlyn Monterosso of Eli Terry Jr. Middle School; Third place – Eric Lee of The Stanwich School; and Honorable Mentions – Ronnie Beaulieu and Emma Wood, both of Eli Terry Jr. Middle School.

Here is Amanda’s winning design: